PAID build it, deploy it, customize it, profit!

(Shiv Kumar) #1

We are looking for a full-time developer to help with the roll-out of a customized version of Discourse. We’ll need you to do everything from deployment to customization, including plugin work (either using/extending existing plugins or building brand new ones) and UI tweaks. You’ll be paid hourly at a rate that makes sense for both you and us.

Who am I? I’m a developer who’s looking to beef up his Product Manager chops. I’ve had extensive experience working with and customizing Discourse. I launched New Relic’s forum ( in the early days of the now highly-advanced Discourse plugin system, working very closely with the amazing Discourse team to figure out new ways to extend the app using the plugin infrastructure. I’ve even developed plugins of my own, which you can find references to on this site.

As your PM, I will make sure you’ve got crystal clear specs for all the work you’ll be doing. Since I’ve worked with Discourse in the past, I can even provide suggestions or brainstorm with you on optimal ways to develop features. Furthermore, I’ll do all your code reviews and acceptance testing, like a real PM :smile: My goal is to make your life as easy as peazy!

If this is something you’re interested in, shoot me a private message on this forum. I’ll get back to you promptly with more details on what we’re looking for, time commitments, and rates. Looking forward to working with you!

(Sam Saffron) #2

@shiv can you specify a bit more details on the specific customizations / plugins you are after?

(Shiv Kumar) #3

Hey @sam! It’s mainly going to be UI modification and some small code changes or minor plugin work to ensure fidelity with their organization and program. Hosting and deployment will also be involved, in addition to integrating with their SSO.

(system) #4

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