Include an emoji when creating a new topic?

Is there a mechanism to include an emoji in the new topic dialogue box?
What I am trying to achieve is to flag a topic as one with important information to which contributors should avoid off-topic posts to leave the topic “clean” as it were and avoid “noise”.
A suitable emoji would be :triangular_flag_on_post: at the beginning of the title but I can’t find a way to include it. The topic title bar is imo a good place to start since it is persistent and remains a solid reminder about the purpose of the thread.

Sorry, what do you mean by “new topic dialogue box”? Do you mean the composer / editor?

Can you provide a mockup of what you would like it to look like? You can customize the predefined text anywhere in Discourse, and that text is Unicode, so it can include Unicode emoji as needed.

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This is the new thread dialogue box

and it is in the Type title or paste link here section where I would like to include some sort of identifier to indicate the importance of the topic and so will persist as the thread develops and the posts scroll up the screen.

I trust that explains it for you.

This would have the following effect:-

with the flag, emoji before the words “Include an emoji…” in the topic banner and will persist as the topic develops and more postings are made.

Oh what you mean is an equivalent to the VBulletin “Post Icon” feature:


@Graham_Lees in Discourse the equivalent feature are the topic tags, which can cover the same use cases and also have a bunch of extra goodies. You can use Tag icons component to add icons to your tags too.


You can add the emoji in the title, though. Just paste the emoji character or type :triangular_flag_on_post: and save the post.

Here is an example here on meta.


You can also use any emoji from emojipedia (or any emoji listing website)

I don’t know if this is sensible to it, but don’t forget to check the setting max emojis in title, make sure it’s not at 0


@pmusaraj That’s got it. Thanks

Thanks for the screenshot @Graham_Lees that made it much more clear and wow @falco you nailed it! I remember this too!

(One of those very odd vBulletin ‘features’ that makes you wonder what they were thinking when they built it…)


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