Allow me to disable emojis in topic titles

I’d love a global switch that says,

“no emojis in subject lines”

it can just be forward moving, leaving the existing posts as is…

the problem is escalation. One leads to five leads to a mess.


This is somewhat complicated cause there are 2 ways of adding emojis

:smile: this is a topic


😊 this is a topic

I would be open though to adding a site setting here for “max_emojis_in_title” which applies to both formats.

I think 1 emoji is probably OK 100, less awesome.

That said, isn’t this a moderation issue to a degree?


Temporary retroactive workaround

.notification a .emoji,
.notifications a .emoji,
.stream-topic-details .title .emoji,
.post-links-container .emoji,
a.title .emoji,
.title-wrapper .emoji {
	display: none;

I’m bound to have missed some things here or there, but I believe this covers most things.


Doesn’t affect the <title> or the URL, both of which are important to SEO.

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There is this discussion which my be relevant:

Yes, was split from there🐣


I find that, when possible, prevention is better than reactive measures. Our Discourse forum has community guides, and we PM users with tips/suggestions/etc. Once we PM someone, we rarely have issues with them repeating that mistake, so our education is :ok_hand:. Despite that, we constantly have to deal with the same issues because new users are added to the forum and make the mistake for the first time.

This is not pleasant on moderation or anyone reading the forum. You could argue that we could improve our “welcome to the forums”, but if we added every nitpick to that, it’d become a gargantuan word wall that nobody would want to read. A much better solution for things like these is to prevent them in the first place – it’s not feasible to communicate all of them to new users, and it only worsens their first impressions of the forum.

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I support a one emoji per topic title limit by default. Same reason we don’t allow titles that



But then we can’t do:

Should we use :+1: or :heart: for Like?

One could quite easily argue this is too much by default:

Should we use thumbs up or heart for like?

Seems fine for me as a title and is probably safer when it comes to search cause +1 is not something you would search on.


PR here:

max_emojis_in_title defaults to 2. Setting it to 0 will disable emojis in topic titles.

EDIT: PR is now merged.


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