Include avatar or username in digest email

(Dave McClure) #1

I’m currently piloting a discourse instance with a number of users who are new to discourse.

It’s a private instance internal to an organization. Many of the members have signed up, a handful are engaging and starting to create some initial content through organic discussion.

Many more are lurking or not really participating too frequently yet. One of those people showed me the digest email he got today and told me that he felt that he might be more likely to click through on a few of the topics in there had hew known they were written by certain people.

Is this something that has been considered in the past?

I searched around but couldn’t find any mention of it anywhere.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sure, can you mock it up?

(Dave McClure) #3

Sure thing, I’ll try to get a few things to look at sometime in the next few days, possibly over the weekend.