Incompatibility with Topic List Preview

Unsure if I am missing something, but I can’t get this theme component to work :frowning:

When component is enabled all is rendered exactly the same as when disabled. Same happens when previewing. Have updated discourse to 2.5.0.beta5 ( f2647f1f36 ) component to latest release.

Installed plugins are as follows

Repository Status
discourse latest-release +89 Up to date
Official Plugin discourse-checklist decbc45 Up to date
discourse-custom-wizard 5f07814 Up to date
discourse-events ddaa6b5 Up to date
discourse-sidebar-blocks e8ecaf2 Up to date
discourse-topic-list-previews 1e9a400 Up to date
Official Plugin docker_manager f2a9499 Up to date

In testing, all features of topic list previews have been disabled

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Last month there was a change, unfortunately but I removed the TLP instead using:

Currently my website is working well with these 2 theme-components


Thank you. What version of Discourse and Topic List Excerpt do you use? I wonder if the issue can be that I have the latest 2.5 beta :thinking: anyhow, will try and rebuild without the TLP-plugin

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There’s no need to use this Theme Component with the TLP plugin? TLP delivers excerpts anyway and always has done. Why did you want to install this on top of TLP instead of just changing the TLP settings to add excerpts? They will likely step on each others toes.

You only need this TC if you are using neither the TLP plugin or the TLP TC.


I just want to confirm everything is working so well for now