Indentation of comments with the wp discourse plugin

How can I proceed to display the comments in a more structured way. Let me explain, user 1 adds a comment, user 2 replies to that comment. The current problem is that the comments in wordpress are not displayed in a way that we can see that user 2 replied to user 1. Is it possible to have an information like user 2 replied to user 1? ( as in the attached image)

Hey @Louis_J1 great first question!

The answer is that that is not currently possible in the WP Discourse Plugin. However you’ve put it on my radar and I’ll look at including support for it in the next release of the plugin. I’ll give you an update on this next week when I look at it in some more detail.

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Great! Thanks for your answer @angus , keep me posted.

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Hi @Louis_J1 , is there any update on this. Or is it possible to display the same way as in discourse and show the avatar. Thanks

I’m working on this one :slight_smile:

It’ll be in the release after next in the WP Discourse Plugin, the ETA for which is 3 weeks from now (just before Christmas).

Thanks for the update.

Hi, Did you manage to get this change done before Christmas as I dont see a change in my layout?

Hey Andrea, a few other changes took precedence over this. This will be in the next release.

No problem. Thanks for the update. Do you have a rough idea or when the next release will be.