Indicator at post for "x posts in topic" (or "first post in topic")

The forum I moderate in has lots of “evergreen” topics that get posts over months and topics that are bumped after months by users because the have the same issue.

When someone posts at the end of a >10 posts topic, it would be nice to see how many posts the user has already made in this topic, or if this is actually the first post in this topic.

This would solve the problem that I have to scroll up and look for that user’s name if they participated before, what they wrote and so on. If it is his first post I know much faster how to handle his response.

This is already possible.

For example, go to Is there any way to remove subcategories from the hamburger menu and click on Pad Pors avatar to open the user card. You should see “3 posts in topic”


Ahhh, that button - and if it is missing this means first and only post in topic.
Never saw that one before. Thanks for pointing that out!

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A few days later I think it would still be nice to have this a) in a more obvious way (instead of having to look for the non existence of something), b) an instant way or c) in a hoverable tooltip somewhere that doesn’t require an additional click.

You’ll have to post some mock ups on what this would look like. I’m having a hard time seeing why we should risk cluttering the UI with this minor-convenience addition.

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