Infinite loop during postgres upgrade

Hi! Each time I launch /launcher rebuild app I get the following message (even if I launch it again) :

Old 9.5 database is stored at /shared/postgres_data_old
To complete the upgrade, rebuild again using:
./launcher rebuild app

What information do you need to help me?

PS: The first time I ran it, the command stoped because I needed more space

Temporarily, I used the templates/postgres.9.5.template.yml template to avoid downtime. The app is running again, but I’d like to finish the update.

When I do a cleanup I get the following message : Old PostgreSQL backup data cluster detected taking up 1.2G detected. Would you like to remove it? (Y/n):

Sounds like a question for @tgxworld, but I am guessing that it failed due to lack of space but somehow didn’t catch that the upgrade had failed.

How much space do you have? And how big is your database?

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Can you provide me with the full log generated during the rebuild? Thank you!