Infinite loop during postgres upgrade

(Camille Roux) #1

Hi! Each time I launch /launcher rebuild app I get the following message (even if I launch it again) :

Old 9.5 database is stored at /shared/postgres_data_old
To complete the upgrade, rebuild again using:
./launcher rebuild app

What information do you need to help me?

PS: The first time I ran it, the command stoped because I needed more space

(Camille Roux) #2

Temporarily, I used the templates/postgres.9.5.template.yml template to avoid downtime. The app is running again, but I’d like to finish the update.

When I do a cleanup I get the following message : Old PostgreSQL backup data cluster detected taking up 1.2G detected. Would you like to remove it? (Y/n):

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

Sounds like a question for @tgxworld, but I am guessing that it failed due to lack of space but somehow didn’t catch that the upgrade had failed.

How much space do you have? And how big is your database?

(Alan Tan) #4

Can you provide me with the full log generated during the rebuild? Thank you!