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As requested by @sam, a little color on what an influencer Dashboard metric might look like as I see it. Please feel free to share your thoughts. And my apologies if I understate anything. I’m still pretty new around here. :slight_smile:

Trust levels and badges have taken Discourse far in the way of building a loving community. Perhaps it could be gamefied with an influencer leader board and weekly competition akin to what Swarm app does for social check-ins, and visualized as most influential people in the administration dashboard. This may also satisfy some individuals’ competitive itch while improving user retention for self-starting community builders.


Pardon my ignorance but what is an influencer? How do you rank them?

Fantastic question and, loosely interpreted, and from a quick stream of consciousness here in my phone… A metric measuring development of role models and natural community leaders using existing data on speed to earn badges and move up the trust ladder. Highly-engaged (passionate) users with the right skills could then be identified, groomed and given more responsibility.

This already exists at /users since it is sorted by various activity metrics.

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Thanks for pointing me to the /users route. I took a look and it seems like a great starting point for this feature request. As it stands existing metrics could be made actionable by:

  • Showing change in metrics over each period, e.g. # Topics Started, Most Replied To, Most Replies, Most Hearts Given, Most Hearts Received, et cetera

Then it may be possible to create:

  • A weekly leader board with top NN users indicated by metric
  • Notify users ranked highest and give them bragging rights.

Swarm App does this for as little as one friend and I find it a very enjoyable dimension of the overall app experience to keep me engaged and coming back for more.

This could eventually lead to additional badges for bragging rights or feedback purposes such as the Swarm “Overshare” badge or, in the case of Discourse, a “Chatty Cathy”.

An extensive set of badges exist already, we are actually overdue for a new badge, if you wish to propose one?

I would be happy to, Jeff. Going to need more time to get accustomed to the system before I can make good suggestions. Will continue braining on this as time goes on.

Thanks so much for your input. :blush:

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