Top contributor widget

I would love too showcase our “top contributors” and team members (moderators, admins…etc.) on the side as a widget…any solutions?


Can you do a screenshot/mockup of what you are after?

I mean, this is one (non sexy) way of doing it.

I would like to be able to add those with certain “badges” – so all those “top contributor” badge earners would get on here as well as anyone who has an “employee/staff” badge. It would be automatically updated (just like certain badges are tied to forum activity)

These seem more thread based – and I do have an introduce yourself thread on the forum for our top contributors…

I think tying in the metrics that populate this would be included and whatever badge I choose to be considered:

I am (obviously??) a community manager, so I am trying to think of it in terms of a community platform…

Although, there are certain “community metrics” that are more helpful than others. Clicks are not very helpful. Likes vs. flags, or “solved answers” or helpful comments…etc. are better measurements. New posts may even not be, as that could be a spammer or newbie who just crowds the forum and takes (not gives)…etc.


Don’t you have these metrics at (try sorting the columns)?

Yes, but I should reiterate that this is a community tool and resource, for people to get support as well as to target certain people for certain questions AND to showcase top contributors. The sort by user thing you shared could be interesting, but I would love for it to be simplified, and as a widget on the page so it is visible.

Most of those metrics on that page seem helpful and a good way to group and showcase the top in whatever category – but do not show “the whole picture”.

Remember also, I have a specific, invite only top contributor badge, as well as an auto assigned (based on forum activity) top contributor badge whom I would like specifically highlighted for their efforts. (and a staff/team badge)