Initial configuration directly from `app.yml` (discourse-docker /

Thank you for creating discourse and making it open source! It is great!

UPDATE: Wiser by finding the name site-settings, I found this related question: Docker deployment with custom site_settings.yml

I followed the guide to install Discourse. Then I logged in and did various configurations as an administrator in Settings. Now I wonder if it is possible for me to do this directly from app.yml or similar?

For example, is it possible to configure the following options directly from app.yml or something else I’m in control of during the deployment process rather than post-deployment? The settings seem to be referred to as site-settings.

The app.yml you mention shows you how to do it in the second to last line.

You can extend the example there for any site setting.


You don’t really say what problem you’re solving, only asking for a way to do something, that might not actually be the best solution to your problem.

Another way to get settings set is this settings uploader.


Thank you @Falco and @pfaffman both were excellent answers that helped me out! :smiley:


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