Inline styles of minimal height declared for topic-post on mobile

I have a theme that slightly changes the post view on mobile. Now I see the layout gets distorted by min-height declarations that are calculated and injected as inline styles once I scroll around:

E.g. here the post is longer than it should be because of min-height:

I could declare min-heights as unset on the posts. From what I see so far it would fix the layout. But maybe I’m missing something? I don’t understand why these calculations are declared in the first place?


I don’t see these calculations in Discourse by default… is there a theme or component adding them?

Ah I see, they get added on longer topics once additional replies are loaded (and others are removed)

It looks like we add the min-height when posts are cloaked on scroll, so I think we’re grabbing the height so the scroll position isn’t changed when content is removed from the page?

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I think this was where the height calculation was added originally, FIX: Scroll jumping in some dimensions of browser · discourse/discourse@a77f5a7 · GitHub which confirms that it’s meant to help control scroll jumpiness.

For fixing your specific issue, it seems that the height of .topic-post is what’s being measured… in your theme is that div taller than the content within for some reason? I wonder why it seems to be miscalculated…

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