Some topics allow horizontal scrolling on mobile

On mobile (my iPhone 8 at least), some topics render in such a way that it allows horizontal scrolling. The problem with this is that it makes it hard to swipe to scroll vertically, since it’s so easy to accidentally scroll horizontally.

Topic that allows horizontal scrolling: Move a post but make it unread

Topic that does not allow horizontal scrolling: Gamification From / To Date Range not saving when visible to groups option set


What theme are you using?

Edit: can reproduce with default theme and Focused theme. However I can’t quickly see what’s causing this.

Edit 2: Actually I did find a (quick?) CSS solution. I don’t know however if this is the desirable outcome.

This is the bad guy:

It seems to be fixable with either setting the width to 99% or setting the padding to 0.

.post-notice {
    padding: 0;
.post-notice {
    width: 99%;

I’ve got a fix incoming here: