Insert ads at any place

(megas) #1

The Discourse Ad Plugin propose to place ads in fixed places on the site. My customer want to place these ads other places, to make advertising look nicer in his opinion. As far as I understood I can insert html elements only at Plugin Outlet Locations.

Is there any other possibility to place html elements at any desired place?

First option came to my mind is to fork the Discourse and place plugin outlet at desired places, also add features to Ad Plugin and deliver to customer all that as a solution.

(Neil Lalonde) #2

Maybe it would make sense to add new outlets in those locations instead of forking. Where do they want ads? So far the ad plugin has been based on what people have been asking for, so there could be other good spots that can be supported.

(megas) #3

I think I’ll try to add outlets by my self.
It seems that just adding line {{plugin-outltet 'name'}} is not actually adding correspondent html, is there a reference how to add plugin-outlet at custom place?

(Neil Lalonde) #4

Be careful if that typo is in your code… :slight_smile:

Based on your first post, it sounds like you know how to add outlets. Do you have a typo? I don’t think ember will complain about typos in component names…

(megas) #5

I have typo in this post :slight_smile: in code it’s ok.
I found documentation in helpers/plugin-outlet.js.es6 and put evil-trout (lines and files) exactly as it was in this docs, still no success.