Insert or re-order posts

An edge case, I’m sure, but wanted to ask if there’s any way to insert or re-order posts in a thread?

I ask because I’m working on a series of posts that all correlate with each other, like a story (a tutorial, really), from one post to the next. But it’s a work in progress, and sometimes I find myself wanting to insert a post inbetween two others.

It’s fine if the solution is to enter a dark backend somewhere and fuddle the numbers myself, but if so, is it straightforward enough for a non-Ruby developer to grasp? Here’s hoping for a hidden button somewhere in the GUI.


There is no way to do this at the current time. But like “set post owner”, there probably should be.

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Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Technically you could mess with post_numbers on the posts table and re-sequence stuff, you would need to be mega careful cause other tables also depend on that data so you would need to re-sequence stuff there as well.

My strong recommendation here would “don’t do it ™”. We may have some ultra long term plans for providing UI for resequencing a topic but there is nothing in the next few years planned.

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