Insert URL dialog box in composer - all people in our community get confused

(Anton) #1

Dear Discourse community, is it only me and our Russian/Ukrainian-speaking community? Nobody can understand this:

People keep asking me how to use it?

Why not just have 2 inputs, one saying “URL” and another one “link name (optional)”.

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

Would definitely be a lot easier to understand if there were two input fields instead of just one.

(Robin Ward) #3

Good question!

Recently I re-wrote the pagedown editor in ember, which was nice because it gave us a lot of tests and removed thousands of lines of JS code.

I did fix some peculiarities when I did this, but generally I copied the features 1:1, including this one.

It does make much more sense to have two fields rather than parsing it out of one, I agree! If I get some time soon I’ll circle back and fix it.

(Robin Ward) #4

I’ve upgraded the editor so that there are two fields. One for URL and one for description:

(Robin Ward) #5