Insert users details into a CRM when a user signup on Discourse

Hi all, we’re in the process of setting up a Hubspot CRM to feed the details of every new sign up on our Discourse forum to hubspot. I found a related thread here:

So I did a quick search and came across a Zapier integration for Discourse and Hubspot:

However, the Discourse trigger only seems to be for a new post.

I logged into Discourse and under the webhooks section found the user event, which I think can trigger the webhook when a user account is created.


I feel like I’m stuck here and would appreciate any support on how to move forward. Can I still use that existing Discourse-Hubspot zap?


The prebuilt Discourse Zap isn’t going to work with this. You should be able to get it to work with a Zapier webhook trigger though. Have a look at Create a Salesforce lead via Zapier when a user signs up on Discourse for details about how this can be setup with Salesforce. I think that integrating signups with Hubspot CRM will work with a similar configuration.


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