How can I insert users details in to CRM as soon as user signup on discourse

We are using a CRM which already have API for inserting leads. Now as soon as user signup on discourse I want to call CRM’s insert lead API and want to insert user details like Name, Email and custom fields into CRM, please suggest how can I do this? Thanks



Please suggest any solution to it as i also have same type of requirement (inserting user details into CRM as soon as user registered and post question).

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Why you do not try this in reverse order. Let user register inside CRM and wired to discourse by SSO. So when user log in discpurse CRM will provide additional info throught SSO call

I don’t want to register user from CRM.

What i want as soon user signup, there small amount detail like Name and Email ID will go into CRM through API (Its a third party tool like salesforce lead management system where we can only able to see the list of record inserted or updated, there is no login mechanism in it.)

Let me make it more simple its more like calling an Custom API as soon as user signup and activate there account. :smile:

This can now be done by configuring a webhook that is triggered on the User Event. The webhook is sent when a user logs in, logs out, is created, approved or updated. See Setting up webhooks for details.