Instagram oneboxing

Server has space, but looks like we did not have that setting enabled, I will turn it on now and run the rebake again. Thanks for the help here!


Following up here, I found that after enabling download remote images to local (with plenty of disk space free) and rebaking, the Instagram onebox preview images were still breaking.

EDIT: ahhh as I’m writing this I think I see what’s going on.

Newer Instagram posts did have the correct image URLs from our domain, while older ones still had the expiring Instagram ones. When I did the rebake for all old embeds, I didn’t realize the site setting download remote images max days old (default 30 days) was limiting this.

So I changed that setting to 9999 and did the rebake again, seems to be working now! (Leaving this rubber-ducking post here just in case this helps clarify for anyone else…)


Instagram onebox doesn’t have video playing and showing album images seperetaly (or sliding) features. Twitter onebox have both. Maybe these could be improved.

Not possible due to IG policies. They are owned by Facebook, who are a-holes about this stuff.


I didn’t know that. Thank you.

Looks like Instagram oneboxing is broken?

Let’s see

Looks fine to me?


doesn’t work for me when I try to put it.

But it looks fine for me so have you got a browser/extension problem?


Might be useful to show us which site it isn’t working on as it’s fine here on meta.

this one

If it works here, then Instagram has possibly blacklisted your server or IP range?


Just reporting anecdotally, we’ve seen some weird inconsistent Instagram oneboxing lately. A couple cases recently where we see the preview image failing to display and then a day later or something seems to work. This happened even for one of our own IG videos that we’d recently posted and displayed perfectly fine on

I suspect there may just be some jankiness with the Instagram API unfortunately…


I see it now. Some weird latency?

I’ve been having an issue on my site with IG One Boxes not showing up. Any ideas of where to look to start debugging why?

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Instagram recently changed the rules, we are working on some fixes here, but it will take some time.


Flarum found a way to fix it. Maybe it helps some of you guys to keep it working for discourse: