Install Discourse as subfolder within Wordpress website?

I am currently running a Wordpress website with a forum based on bbpress.
I am thinking about migrating to Discourse.
Currently my forum is integrated seemlessly. Its domain is

So far all Discourse installations I’ve seen are available under an own subdomain such as
I wonder if it’s possible to install discourse and set it’s root to
Has anyone tried this?

Thanks, Philipp


Check this post :


Keep in mind subfolder install are possible but aren’t encouraged. You are adding a bunch of complexity and getting exposed to more possible bugs for no good reason.


For Discourse on a different server than the rest of the website, which is a frequent installation, subfolder seems especially complex (anyway there is a howto) and subdomain is much easier and recommended.

On the other hand, for Discourse on the same virtual server than the rest of the site, subfolder is not so difficult. See the howto mentioned on post 2.

Of course the easiest Discourse installation is the normal one, subdomain.