Discourse embedded on my WP

Hi there,

firstly Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve implemented Discourse on my application (an educational finance community) but i’m not happy yet with the outcome. I’m using another domain different from my one but i’d like to use something like embedded on my blog and when an user access /forum it could be loaded my blog page with discourse on it.

There’s an example of what i want to: Nomad List

Maybe nomadlist guys are using iframe?

Thanks in advance!
Michael Coelho.

Search for “subfolder #HowTO” and find Subfolder support with Docker


I strongly advise not going subfolder because it is far more complicated to set up and troubleshoot.

A subdomain setup is more advisable:

www.example.com → your website
forum.example.com → discourse for your website


I advise against it too, but I’ve done it for a few clients for $500. They’ve been happy and the troubles minimal.