Install Discourse on QNAP with Docker

Hi all
Despite my name, I’m not very technical, so I want to run Discourse self hosted on a QNAP.

It has a docker container and it is active.

How do I get Discourse running? The version installed is 1.04 and is in Host setting (But could be nats) Do I need to add soemthing and how
Very n e w b i e here
Thx in advance

This isn’t going to work.

You’ll be finding yourself into the ocean of trouble if you don’t have prior experience with running dockerized applications.

On top of it, the machine probably won’t even be powerful enough to run discourse.


I learn fast :slight_smile:

Interesting the machine is small industry QNAP with high spec, it has the containers there. I’m just seeing a gap in the documentation as there is an assumption one knows something

So, if you would be so helpul is to layout the first few steps to get it running - that would be helpful.

What I’ve done
Container Station installed successfully
I’ve found various Discourse Docker images, inluding the base one. Its downloaded and then what…?
Do I need to have Ubuntu installed as well?

I know… best say nothing (but we were all there one day)

Ubuntu isn’t required as long as your docker is working as expected.

Although it is an unsupported installation, I’d try to lay down the basic idea:

  1. Make sure that Your domain name points to Your NAS properly and port 80 & 443 are not occupied by anything else.
  2. This isn’t a typical GUI install so make sure that You’re comfortable with ssh (root access is needed)
  3. You’ll also need some sort of email service to actually send & receive emails.

If You check the install documentation, It lays out steps very clearly. You’ll have to essentially copy-paste those commands to get a vanilla discourse install working.

The idea here is that instead of setting up an outdated base image, You just Build/rebuild one at the time of installation.
I hope this helps: discourse_docker/ at master · discourse/discourse_docker · GitHub

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Hi thanks - I’m working though it and some of it is working and some isn’t I’m using the 30-minute setup as described and not hit a wall at

You will need to be root through the rest of the setup and bootstrap process.
What does that mean. (rhetorical question) I mean whoever rights this assumes a degree of knowledge, but then says anyone should be able to do this! t shouldn;t be this hard

The only supported way of installing is by having root shell access to a standard x86_64 Linux server and following the steps at discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub.

Installing on different systems, while technically possible, won’t be supported here.


Penny has dropped…