Install going well but now blank white page

Hey all,

Discourse looks amazing … I’m setting it up for a local community project here in the Canaries.
Using an ubuntu 18.04 VPS on Linode.
and this tutorial;

So it was all going fine and I had the ‘congratulations’ page up.
I created an admin on the cli.
I’ve set the ssl cert using EFS certbot.

When I access mydiscourse.mydomainDOTcom … I get page not found
If I access mydomainDOTcom, it loads a blank white page with Discourse as the page title top of browser.

Can anyone advise suggestions please?
DNS maybe?
Any examples I can have a look at?


Please don’t follow unofficial install guides as we can’t guarantee they work or provide any support for it.

I suggest provisioning a new VPS and installing it following Discourse official Standard Installation. It even automates SSL certs, so you don’t need to mess with certbot.


Ok, yes, thanks.
I had decided that was best.
On it.


Yes, anyone who follow my tutorial should post questions on my website, not here.


Thanks, amigo.
I did also post to your excellent tutorial.
As above … decided to go a different route.
Best wishes