Please help me with Discourse installation i am a super newbie


And in advance thank you so much for all the future help.

I am trying to install Discourse on this domain :

i folowed all the steps in tutorial : Comment installer Discourse sur Ubuntu 20.04 | DigitalOcean

but i still can not get Discourse to run on Ubuntu VPS on OVH host.

Can you please help me ?

Best regards
And so many thanks

You will need to be more specific.
What did you do, what outcome did you expect and what was the outcome instead?


The page shown at that domain looks like a default page provided by some other web server software (Apache, I think) which might mean you’ve created your VPS using a LAMP image.

When you created the VPS, did you choose an option that mentioned anything about hosting websites? If so, it may be worth recreating the VPS with a different image, a base Ubuntu image which doesn’t include any software for web hosting.

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Did you look at How to install Discourse in production.


I installed apach2 and mysql manually… when i folowed the installation tutorial i did not get any discourse installation error

If you follow the recommended installation process you can’t have another web server installed so you would need not to have apache. There are topics about installing discourse with other web servers.


Yep, as per @pfaffman Discourse uses nginx instead of apache and this is automatically set up inside the docker container that is created.

You just made life more complicated.

I’d start afresh or uninstall apache.


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