Install Paid SSL with Cloudflare on Discourse

I installed paid SSL, and follow very very careful this article

But after I installed, I cannot access to my discourse, I had install and rebuid discouse again, again and again, eventhough, I re-install my VPS :joy: I’m really stupid. I forgot that I use Cloudflare DNS.

Cloudflare SSL default is Flexible. >>> then I Turn to Full Strict

Then I can access to my Discourse

I think this small tip that can be useful for a newbie guy with cloudflare, paid ssl, discourse like me, to a avoid simple mistake.

P/s: Sorry, I’m not really good with English


Thanks for sharing! But maybe you could incorporate this in here as another “NOTE” at the bottom?

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I forgot one thing, while setup, use Cloudflare DNS only,

Here is the result I forgot it,

What the hell is Common Name (CN) and Validity is only 6 months.

I don’t know why this is happend?