"Install PWA" and native app install banner not appearing


(By “install PWA button”, I mean a button like that in the image.)


I realized lately that this button doesn’t show up for my site. It appears on a fresh install, but once I restored my backup, the button disappeared. So I wonder if there’s a site setting controlling this, which I happened to modify before? If it exists, what’s its name? I couldn’t find it by searching “install” or “app” or “chrome” on my admin pannel.

Thanks in advance!

Just guessing, but could it be admin → settings and native app install banner ios / android?

No, I enabled that setting, which is for Discourse Hub app. That banner looks like:

Ah… you let me realize that that banner is also not appearing. :smiling_face_with_tear:

The app I was mentioning is kind of packaged by Chrome. (I don’t know much. It seems not very different from a bookmark. Using it feels like browsing in a simplified browser. But it can push notifications.

Is it push notifications prompt? (“Display user consent prompt.”) Maybe that’s not quite what you had in mind.

Thank you. I enabled that too.

Hmm… right, my site is already capable of pushing notifications. It’s actually unnecessary to be obsessed with this. :face_in_clouds:

Today I attempted to build a PWA for my instance using pwabuilder, and added some script referring to a generated manifest.json inside the <head> section as instructed.

Adding the script, I started to see 404 errors about the manifest.json in the browser console. So I removed the added code, and, magically, the button I’ve always been missing came back. :sweat_smile: Strange! but glad that it’s back. :laughing:

But the Discoursehub app banner is still not back. :slightly_smiling_face: