Installation Errors

Everything was fine until this happened…

Then it said failed to bootstrap. I’m running Ubuntu 18. Any help would be appreciated!

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That appears to be a problem connecting to the ruby gems service. It may be a temporary issue, so it’s better to try again.

Also, are you following our official install guide ?

Yes, I am using the guide. Are you sure the issue is on Ruby’s end and not mine?

Is the server behind a strict firewall or is it a standard VPS?

Can you share a larger portion of the errors logs, preferentially as text?

It’s a 4gb VPS from Bloom, and I didn’t enable the firewall; Bloom doesn’t have a built-in one. I’ll send the logs shortly.

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This is a networking problem between your VPS host (Bloom) and RubyGems CDN. There are several reports where this is caused by traffic between Level3 and Fastly and a failure to properly detect the packet size for this route.

A user reported success working around this issue with lowering the host MTU:

I disabled IPv6 and reduced all of the network interface MTU values to 1280. It’s still saying OpenTimeout. The weird thing is, bundler is now working, but the other attempts are errors.