Installation Help required


I want to install Discourse, but before installation I want to ask few things.

I have already Postgress database on dedicated vm and I can access that postgress database in my docker containers. I also have a nginx running on a separate vm and that nginx can also access dockers exposed ports.

So I want a very simple installation of discourse without any database, nginx, redis etc so my goal is a very simple discourse docker installation. So would you please help me what exact I need to do. Where I need to set the postgress database ip, username and password.

I think you should start by looking at these (you know there’s a search button up there on the right, right?):

and also at the posts linked here


Well here is my existing setup = Postgress machine = Nginx machine = A machine with Docker Installation and already running some container with docker default network (

I already have running 2 containers of nodejs app on my Docker Machine with 3001 and 3002 port

And from my nginx I am using proxy pass and send the traffic on these ports e.g.

nodejs1 -> nodejs1 container
nodejs2 -> nodejs2 container

Now I want to launch a Discourse container on my docker machine with port e.g 3003 and then from nginx I can send traffic on this container for my domain e.g discourse ->


Finally I got samples/web_only.yml file and that was enough to understand how we can launch web only container.



You have to try a little by yourself if you want to learn this stuff :P.

Interesting challenge.

Won’t a bespoke setup like this cause you a lot more work and frustration during the full lifecycle, though?

You could learn a lot I suppose? But can’t see any other advantages? Saves a small amount of space?

I don’t think that would be the case!
On the contrary, there’s a considerable amount of added performance by running data separately. There are even tutorials about it:

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What about the upgrade process? Would it impact the normal simplicity of that?

You already know you’re doing advance things.

Your web container will rebuild normally, the upgrades from docker manager work too

Only thing you have to be mindful of managing postgres upgrades on your own.

If you know what you’re doing (You obviously will if you are running a separate postgres server already) then it shouldn’t be too big of a deal!

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