Installing Discourse Under Nginx

From what I’ve read Discourse is meant to be installed using a Docker Image, which (from what I’ve read) means it will basically be the entire contents of the VM that it runs on, which… well, is less than ideal for me. Basically, I have a server running Nginx and hosting multiple sites, simply put… Can I add Discourse as another site in any way, or MUST it be installed using the Docker image and be the only thing on the server?

PS Prior to reading about Docker today, I didn’t know what it was, so pardon me if I’m misunderstanding something.

Yes, you can, just follow this after installing via Docker


Looks great, thanks! I am already somewhat familiar with everything involved in a multi-site setup on Nginx, it appears as though what I’m doing is basically redirecting traffic that comes in to the host’s Nginx to the Discourse Docker setup.

Thanks for the help!

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