WARNING: Port 443 of computer does not appear to be accessible, but web page is ok


i’m having this error when setup discourse
WARNING: Port 443 of computer does not appear to be accessible using hostname
on a self hosted debian server
i’m using a dedicated domain for discourse, i’'ve put a simple html index page, it works
But there is other domains pointing to this server but only basic html webpages
i’ve read on similar topics that discourse cannot run on same server as wordpress,
but are there other limitations ?
thanks a lot

Discourse can and will work just nicely with Wordpress. But can it do it on your own computer is totally different story. I’m bringing this up just because someone can find this topic via search and may get an image that using Wordpress (or almost any other CMS/app) on same server with Discourse in the meaning server == VPS is mission impossible. And it is not. That is actually quite trivial.

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oki thanks for the precision:)

You will need to configure things by hand. See How to set up Discourse on a server with existing Apache sites. You can’t use discourse-setup.

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oki thanks for the link, it tells about apache, but i’m on ngnix, guess will work the same ?

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You can search for a similar topic for nginx.

I assuming: you have a server that is used by multuple domains or sub domains all pointing to the same server.

So mainly you need to run a main proxy server which would listen to ports 80 and 443 if you run TLS/SSL.

The main proxy server would then route the traffic based on the host/domain, i.e. discourse.example.com => go to discoures, blog.example.com => go to wordpress.

I think you have multiple option how to handle such deployament, because typically wordpress come shipped with its own proxy server, as well as discourse. So your option could be:

  • Use discourse nginx proxy server as the main one and it would proxy to wordpress
  • Use wordpress as the main proxy server and it would proxy to discourse
  • Use your own main proxy server that it would be proxy to both.

In any case whatever you choose, I think the TLS/SSL usually would be handled by the main proxy server.

I have used discouse in the the first two secinaro above, when I used other proxy server to handle incoming traffic (first option) I had to change ports, and turned off TLS and instead let the other proxy server handle it. And for the second secinaro, I changed nginx conf file inside the discourse contianer and add a declarative for another server and then generated certificate for it using certbot.

Eh… no. Typically there isn’t any proxies. Just a normal webserver, like Apache2 or Nginx, when it it serving virtual hosts and terminating SSL, is not a proxy server. Sure, it can act as one, but that is not typical solution and it has nothing to do with WordPress.

WordPress is not shipped with anykind server.

Installed WordPress can be sold together with webserver, PHP, sql etc. but it is totally different thing than it ”shipped with”.

Discourse is shipped with, though.

And yes, using proxy or what ever front of Discourse and serving WordPress on same server is quite trivial.

I was referring mostly to the case where wordpress stack would include either nginx or apache, it dosen’t ship with it however in this containerized era if you check wordpress offical docker image (which has over 1B download) it comes shipped with apache.

I am sorry I might not used the proxy term appropriately, none the less the point I was trying to refer to consdier one mostly would end up with two web server (or proxy server) when they want to run wordpress with discourse.

sorry for late reply, i was off the grid and forums for a while, feels good, but i tried to fix email problems before i left, but i still got error 502 while acessing the forum.

sorry I explained wrongly, i don’t need worpress on same server, it was just to take an example of what you couldn’t do.
In fact I just have 4 domains that points to simple web site on this server.
the discourse doctor doesn’t seem to have errors
but i still get error 502 on the forum domain
do i need to instal haProxy like they say here? Thanks

No. You can use only apache as a reverse proxy.

It’s same idea, either you are using wordpress or any other framework.

When you have multiple websites point to the same server, all website/http(s) traffic listen to port 80/433, so typically you would have one server listen to these port which would forward the traffic given the hostname/website.

So what does that mean in context of dicsoues,
You can either let discourse nginx server handle traffic redirection (in this case discourse would listen 80/443 see this topic Run other websites on the same machine as Discourse) Or you let discourse listen to different port i.e. 8080 and then ask your server to redirect to it if the request comes from the forum website. Note: in this case it’s better to turn off TLS/SSL from discourse and let your main server handle it.