Installation on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS + Apache 2 + Plesk 12


Dear Discourse Community,

I came across this fine looking Community Software while looking for a Forum…etc pp.

Anyway :smile:

I have a Root Server from the Server Provider called Hetzner.

It runs Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and has Plesk 12 installed since some time. I managed to follow the 30 minutes guide for installing Discourse and had to change the port so far from 80 to something else, since Apache 2 dominates this port. 8080 is also in use. So I chose 1337 for the lulz.

I also created a subdomain with plesk and did a git checkout to the subdomain folder, which is located in:


Now…opening subdomain.domain shows what Plesk offers…opening subdomain.domain:1337 returns nothing.

I am not that highly experienced to figure out everything on my own, sadly :confused:

If anyone can help me with getting discourse working on my Root, i’d be grateful.



(Kane York) #2

Have you tried this?


Thank you for the link.

I’m currently trying to figure it out, but Plesk is a bit of a “I dominate this Server…with APACHE2!” thing and NGINX only runs as a reverse proxy.

/etc/nginx/sites-available/ is not even a valid path on my root, but /etc/nginx/ is.

I don’t know how much Plesk dominates everything.

I’m already asking myself, if I even can get Discourse running on a Root Server, which ran a plain ubuntu install first and then was entirely configured using the Plesk Web Installer :confused:

(Kane York) #4

I’ll change it to use /etc/nginx/conf.d then.