Installed Discourse on subdomain via DigitalOcean Droplet. How do I add node/Vue.js on main domain?

I’ve successfully installed Discourse on a ‘forum’ subdomain via a $20 DigitalOcean droplet.

Am I now able to create a website on my main domain (
Even if it’s just a static html page. I’m planning on using it as a signup landing page for the Discourse install which I’ll then import the emails and send invites.

Using netlify, I can easily sync my live site to my github repo commits.
Is there anything like that on DigitalOcean?

Thanks for any insight!

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Welcome, @4ndy! Glad you got things set up.

Sure, you can do whatever you want with on whatever server anywhere in the world. Having Discourse on doesn’t affect your www site at all, so you can use whatever that Digital Ocean provides or whatever. Maybe you want to use github pages for your landing page, for example.


Thanks Jay,
I guess my question is more on the DigitalOcean side. Seemed like a lot of Discourse users went the same route I did (Following github tutorial to setup Discourse on $5 DO Droplet on a subdomain).

Just can’t find any good tutorials out there on after a user installs on a subdomain, let’s now setup a node/git repo workflow on the main domain.

Discourse led me to DigitalOcean, so not really experienced with either of these technologies yet.
I’ll keep digging. :wink:

It doesn’t matter that you have Discourse on a subdomain. You can put whatever you want, however you want, on your apex domain and Discourse won’t know or care. Just create the site, any way you can find out to create a site on the internet, and point your domain there.

Just don’t delete your current Discourse A record.