Installed theme not showing on site

i installed 3 themes (Category Icons,
Header Links Theme Component and
Users Top Nav) but didnt showed up on my site but only the Header Links Theme Component showed only on the preview. Any help please?

The Users Top Nav theme component is currently broken and needs an update. That’s why it’s in the #theme:broken-theme category.

It may be the cause of the issue you’re seeing. Can you try removing it and checking again?


ok what about the other 2 themes ? why not showing on my site? are they broken also?

They aren’t themes, they’re theme components.

Once you install them you select a theme and use the drop-down at the bottom of said theme to add/enable them.

Are they enabled? Are you testing the theme you enabled them in?

Which discourse version is it?

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version 2.1.8 and yes i enabledit

i believe i did everything right yet not showing on my site

Did you configure the category icons component? That component doesn’t do anything unless you enter some details in the settings. Feel free to post a screenshot.

yes i did but not working. None of the theme component worked for me. Don’t know why though :frowning: what im i doing wrong? see screenshot

Did You add them to your primary theme as a component?

yes i did not still working

Once You’ve enabled them, you have to refresh your browser for the changes to take effect. If it still doesn’t work for You, You’d need to provide what version of discourse you’re running.

i refreshed many times yet nothing worked. im using version 2.1.8

It’s a bit difficult to debug the issue without being able to look at your site and check for errors.

If your site is public, please post the url as that would make it easier to find where the problem is.

(you can PM the link to me if it’s not public)


This is because your site is out of date @dave_odiakaose – update to latest


thanks for the assistance:)

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