Installing discourse on centos/apache and bridging with PHP script?

Hey everyone, I really would like to get discourse up and running on our site. We have a Centos 6 dedicated server with all the resources we need. 16G ram as well as 8 dual core processors. The issue is configuring it. Our end goal is to configure it to run as a comment system.

We are developing a website directory that connects web developers together and works as a complete resource for business owners and JR web developers to connect and exchange ideas as well as connect with the users. Every websites listing we would like to integrate discourse so users can discuss websites. We also have some creative ideas of integrating social media. We do not want two logins system, so we want to bridge the two login systems if possible. This is our end goal, but we cant get off the ground with the idea.

What would be the best method of attack lol. So far it looks like we may have to virtualize an environment with vagrant, but can we do that without affecting our main site in a sub directory? We can also use Docker, but when we try that method its telling me I need a newer version of docker yet we already have the latest from our repo( ERROR: Docker version 1.1.2 not supported, please upgrade to at least 1.2.0, or recommended 1.2.0 ). Can someone help me get started? Also, if leaving advice, please PM me if you are interested in helping.

Docker is the only supported install.

This topic looks like it may help:

Besides the supported server, is discourse a viable solution for our goals? Also, Is there anyway to buy a new server just for discourse and seamlessly use it in our site

Regarding integration with a PHP site and having a single login, you may want to read up on this too:

As for your larger business goals, not sure without digging deeper into what you’re trying to accomplish, but it’s probably worth exploring the forum here, searching around for similar ideas to see what people have been able to do with it.

Can I host a discourse installation outside of my main server and still bridge databases. Host it on a domain just for forums?