Installing Discourse to Debian 10.5


I just tried to install Discourse to Debian 10.5:

root@itas-vm-2:/var/discourse# ls
bin  cids  containers  discourse-doctor  discourse-setup  image  launcher  LICENSE  samples  scripts  shared  templates  tests
root@itas-vm-2:/var/discourse# discourse-setup
-bash: discourse-setup: command not found

Docker is already installed and active. If I would like to start “discourse-setup” it is not found even thought, it is in the directory.

What is wrong at my test?

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You may be just missing ./



See: command line - Why do we use "./" (dot slash) to execute a file in Linux/UNIX? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange


Thank you Robert, it was the solution. :slight_smile:
As I still have no final domain; i have simply used the internal hostname

If I open it in the domain I receive only a NGINX page:


Welcome to nginx!

If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required.

For online documentation and support please refer to).
Commercial support is available at ).

Thank you for using nginx.

What ist the exact URL of a default Discourse installation?
I think If i finished the Config with e. g. SMTP, the Discourse should be already started, correct?

Bootsstrapping should be already finished.


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You need to remove the nginx installed in the host machine. Discourse wants to bind to the port 80 by default.


Hi Rafael, NGINX is needed for an other application as well.
In this case there is no way to install Discourse on the same VM?

A generell question: can the hostname of the vm used as domain for Discourse or are these technically not equal?

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It’s doable but it’s a more advanced setup, only recommended for experienced users: Running other websites on the same machine as Discourse.

If you aren’t already familiar with hosting multiple domains and nginx reverse-proxy configuration it’s easier and faster to use another server for it.


Ok, Thank you very much for your quick confirmation.




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