My Discourse doesn't work

I installed a discourse on my vps. But it’s doesn’t work. Website is not opening. When I run discourse doctor then came a message like discourse version at : not found like this

I need a fast solution…
<a href=""><img src="" alt="IMG-20200315-021630" border="0"></a>
I uploaded a screenshot.

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Did you follow the 30 minute install? No other installation method is supported here.

Yeah I installed by following this

Hmm… it can be hard to troubleshoot remotely. If it’s not working, you missed something in the official directions most likely. Are you sure the domain is pointing correctly to your server?

I’ve also often found when the site doesn’t appear in the web browser, that just rebooting the server and running ./launcher rebuild app does the trick. If that doesn’t work, the notices that appear when you run ./launcher rebuild app gives some good clues to what’s going wrong.

Good luck! If you’re under time pressure to get your site up, consider a paid plan or posting to #marketplace.


My website displaying nginx welcome page. That’s all.

Did you install nginx on the server?

If DNS is configured correctly the internal nginx within the docker container couldn’t be responsible for showing that page.

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No I didn’t install, but there’s a nginx welcome page

What is the output of

netstat -alpn | grep 80

If there is nginx (whether or not installed by you) then it should be reporting as such.
If nginx is currently running on port 80/443, You need to uninstall it by:

sudo -i
service nginx stop
apt purge nginx*
cd /var/discourse
./launcher start app
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tcp6 0 0 :::80 :::* LISTEN 31740/docker-proxy
unix 3 STREAM CONNECTED 18086 765/systemd-logind unix 3 STREAM CONNECTED 18087 777/dbus-daemon /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket

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That seems like Docker is listening to port 80
in such case, did you make any changes to discourse?

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Nope. I just installed discourse following discourse got hub guide :frowning:

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Can you confirm if your domain name pings to your VPS IP address?

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Yeah I already ip4 n ip6

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At this point, I can only suggest that you start from scratch once again if it was a new install. If it was an existing production system then you may want to hire someone to fix this for you as there is nothing obvious that I could reach. Someone may be able to identify the issue once they get into your server and do some advanced troubleshooting.

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