How to Install Discourse on Ubuntu

Hi. Because there is nowere any Guid or Tutorial how to install this software on Ubuntu, I need to ask how.

I tryd Docker. With Nginx. Doesn’t work.
No configs.
The Configuration I made (app.yml) dissapears. Now I have no more configs left… why is that?!

Hi @Bra welcome to Discourse Meta :wave: :slight_smile:

Are you installing for production or a local test and development instance?


Hello @Lilly Thank you.
First of all I want a development instance on my own vps as a showcase if it can be used for our company.

I configured the app.yml on port 444 and 81

The website should be accessible by subdomain. I configured everything according to the guide. But when I enter I get 504 error but it comes from my nginx service not from the docker.

When I type netstat -plant | grep 444 it looks good.
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 30239/docker-proxy
tcp6 0 0 :::444 :::* LISTEN 30245/docker-proxy

but I get no connection when I stop my own nginx. How do I fix the nginx in the container?

did you use a standard install?