Installing Docker (CentOS 7 + OpenVZ)

Hi, I’ve been trying to install Discourse for a couple of hours now, and I decided to turn to the forums to see if anyone has had a similar problem and knows how to help.

I’ve installed Docker on my VPS with yum install docker and it successfully installed. Unfortunately if I start it (docker -d) I get Error initializing network controller: Error creating default "bridge" network: operation not supported. Is this due to OpenVZ restrictions or an outdated kernel? I hope that the minor kernel patches don’t affect the install as it cannot be updated with OpenVZ.

$ uname -a
Linux dime 2.6.32-042stab102.9

Docker doesn’t work with openvz. If you want to use openvz, you will have to self host it with something like this.

Thank you - I was looking for something similar. Unfortunately that is for Debian-based systems (with apt) so I’ll try and convert that to work on CentOS. Otherwise I’ll have to keep looking.

Why not just ask your hosting provider to switch you to Ubuntu? IMO ubuntu is much better.

I’ve always used CentOS. I might just try here in a minute, though.

Hello, may i ask please.

I have openVZ, but that solution you posted requires using Mandrill…Etc, and sounds more like a none official hack!
are there better solutions to run docker (obviously discourse) on my OpenVZ VPZ?


No, you should change to KVM.

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too bad, but what if i have no other option, are there any workarounds?

Workaround === none official hack

You can get a VPS free trial on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure. Or pay $0.015/hr on Digital Ocean. That way you test and see if you really like Discourse before commiting more money.

i like it already, and in fact the problem is not investing more money :slight_smile: but rather, i would love to make it as a research project that i can clone and work on :slight_smile:
i’ve built a forum for the last 2 years or so it was running, and it was based on PHP, now i want to take a step ahead, and upgrade the entire platform i use now (it’s a big step for me to take).
so mostly i will be developing the beta version on secondary domain, and testing with it till it’s 100% perfect before upgrading, i have tons of content and i don’t think i can try developing discourse on my VPS directly.
so maybe a workaround would be perfect for me. as the beta development will take about a year or so.

And btw i really hate the idea of running Discourse inside a OS (Doker) inside an OS (VPS) inside an actual OS! is it simply doesn’t make sense! (though i completely understand the idea behind that - according to discourse team-) but it wont work for me that way.

If you want to develop, run on your local machine. I have installed on my machine, and it’s crazy fast when everything is set up. Also you can try a change on your plugin and test it really fast. You should not use docker to do any development.

Also, Docker doesn’t do any virtualization (like VirtualBox), it’s just isolation. But that’s just off-topic.


I know this is an old topic, for people still looking to install Docker on with OpenVZ look here: Docker inside CT - OpenVZ Virtuozzo Containers Wiki