Affordable VPS hosting from VPSdime honest review please

(Ikenna Ojukwu) #1

hey guys i want to start my own community but kind of on a budget u see … i saw a very cheap hosting option from VPSDime anyone who has used it can tell me if they are trustworthy …they actually give 6gig RAM for $7 per month which i believe is crazy

(Mittineague) #2

I see

Which virtualisation technology do you use?
We utilize OpenVZ virtualization technology.

Do you know if OpenVZ can support Docker?

discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Hardware Requirements

Dual core CPU recommended
1 GB RAM minimum (with swap)
64 bit Linux compatible with Docker

Software Requirements

Postgres 9.5+
Redis 2.6+
Ruby 2.3+ (we recommend 2.3.1 or higher)

(Ikenna Ojukwu) #3

well i ran a test with discourse on my windows pc it was kinda slow cos i shed 1gb worth of ram to it

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

The cheapest KVM (Discourse compatible) server from VPSDime is $20.

(Ikenna Ojukwu) #5

sorry for this noob question but how do i know a suitable VPS for discourse

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

Usually KVM VPS are compatible. Some even go more and say Docker compatible.

I know that Digital Ocean works well out of the box. Others you need a lot of fiddling like Linode. There are dozen of topics about it you can find using the search:

(Ikenna Ojukwu) #7 can u do me a solid favor by checking the site for me thank you

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #8

As I said their PREMIUM VPS offer should probably work. As that’s $20, I recommend Digital Ocean that I’m 100% sure that works and costs 10$.


Premium will work. The cheap one is not compatible with docker.


I don’t have a review for your VPS. But I got burned by a cheap VPS once. Found it on Put a non-critical WP site on it. They lost the content of the entire VPS a month later. Imagine if my Discourse instance was on it and I didn’t backup. I would have no community after a disaster like that.

(Ikenna Ojukwu) #11

is it compulsory to install discourse with docker???

(Mittineague) #12

It depends, do you want a supported install?

If you have what it takes to do your own unsupported install and don’t mind taking care of any troubleshooting, Discourse is open source so thoretically anything is possible.

(Ikenna Ojukwu) #13

basically discourse is bug free on a long run as tested here on my pc i think i can live with an unassisted install

(Ikenna Ojukwu) #14

thanks for clearing ma mind