Instantly auto-lock topics in a category (or create+see but NOT reply perms)

Hi Discourse,

We have recently created a new category on our forum designed to act as a repository for announcements and game patch notes by our community. This means that the topics in these sections should be read-only, but topics can be created by users with trust levels >=1. We have enabled auto-locking topics after one hour, but this is not ideal. We would like to be able to have these topics instantly locked.

Alternatively, the ability to have create + see but not reply permissions for categories would be fantastic and enable the exact behavior we’re trying to accomplish.

Thank you!

Isn’t this already possible? Simply set the permissions such that only users with trust level {x} are allowed to create topics there, then close them after creation.

I’m unclear why auto-close isn’t acceptable?


Hmm interesting, thanks for the response - could I get steps for this? Our forum admin can’t seem to figure out how to make it so they can only create topics and not reply to them.


Set auto close topic hours to a very small number. I just set it to 0.01. I didn’t test it, but it seems like it should work.


This seems to have worked great. Thanks Jay!