Integrating Discourse and game authentication

I’m creating an online PC game and I want to have a forum on my website.
I want the forum and game accounts to be integrated, so that if you log on to the website you can also post on the forums. Furthermore I want the same account to be used for authentication in the PC game (Token based, using a webservice or REST authentication).

The website is made in Wordpress and I started playing with BBPress but wasn’t too impressed. I want the website admin user-space to be entirely different from the game/forum user-space.

I wonder if Discourse is the right tool for the job? And should I let Discourse handle the authentication for the forum as well as the game, or is it easy to configure Discourse to use a different user-space seamlessly (not like the way you can log in with Facebook etc. in here)?

You could use our WordPress plugin to configure your website as the SSO provider for Discourse.


Thanks for your reply. I’m not really keen on having all Discourse users also being WP users, but the option of associating WP users with Discourse users sounds nice.