Integration with Smyte for Spam protection

I’m working with Smyte and Pete Hunt on integrating their spam protection system with discourse. One of my sites keeps getting the same darn spammer over and over again. Time to fix this!

Here’s a couple doc links:

We’re going to open source the integration.

Any tips?

I’m looking for documentation on adding triggers or other Discourse extensions.

I found this thread:

@sam? @eviltrout? @codinghorror?

I’ll put this up on github for a PR, if that’s the right way to add this.



PS: I absolutely love discourse at The only issue is that it’s made me a bit lazy about creating full length blog articles!

Why not just start by forking the akismet plugin and following the same patterns it already follows?

Hmm, are you using the Akismet plugin we ship? If not you should be.

@codinghorror I’m not.

I’m using the default docker container and I got an upgrade message on the container.

If I upgrade the container, does it include the akismet plugin?

Or do I need to follow this: Install Plugins in Discourse


You want those plugin install instructions, so “No; Yes”.

Not everyone wants or needs posts on their forum shipped to a 3rd party.

@codinghorror we’re going to look into trying out akismet.


Is there any worth in figuring out how the same spambot keeps hitting my website? It would be great if there’s somethin discourse to not even require a plugin to block this.

You need to get Akismet hooked up, it does this automatically. These are 100% human spammers.


Ah, it’s the notorious Kitchen Spammers!

Akismet Rocks! Thanks to all! @dylangrafmyre, @codinghorror