Interact with discourse from Python?

Hi everyone! Love discourse, it’s the backbone of our community.

We are an open source project with a strong presence on Github. We have a robot written in Python which manages our Github repositories and does things like merge pull requests automatically if they have been approved. Since we have a lot of repositories and not everyone follows every repository it would be awesome if the robot could post in the forums when a new project is created or when a pull request needs to be reviewed.

Can anyone point me in the direction of how I could best call the Discourse API from Python?


There is a python discourse api library that is a few years old:

And a forked version that has been updated somewhat recently:

Hopefully the latter one will work for you.

Also this plugin may be of interest to you:


Thanks @blake! That is exactly the kind of thing I needed to get started.

I will report back with my successes.

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I recently started a project for this, and am actively updating it. Currently working towards the next dot release:


Did it work out for you? I am trying this as well. I keep getting “DiscourseClientError: Payload Too Large”.

I’m suddenly seeing this error too over the weekend when attempting to fetch a topic. This topic fetch code hasn’t changed in over a year, so something about the API must have changed. I’m investigating.

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Payload Too Large is because of this change.

I don’t know about the project mentioned above, but here is the status for bennylope’s project. Maybe the same fix is needed on other wrappers as well. issue #38 fixes the problem, but the fixed version has not yet been pushed to pypi- Waiting for github @bennylope to do it. So you can wait for pypi to be updated, or git pull master.


Thanks! This worked. I uninstalled pydiscourse, and used a local copy based on what you suggested. And now, it works!
I am trying to use Python’s Sentiment analyzer to get a sentiment analysis of the latest posts. I will keep you updated on how it goes.

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Is anybody else using this? Are you able to get more than 20 posts per topic using this?

You probably need to use pagination. I haven’t tried this for posts specifically, but something like:

pagesize = 20
for page in range(100):
    client.posts(topic_id, limit=pagesize, offset=page*pagesize)
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