weirdness on mobile Safari

(Jesse Perry) #1

So, I’m using on my website to communicate to logged in users. I decided to add it to my Discourse site too, because a lot of users more regularly go to the Discourse installation on my site. So this allows me to still communicate directly with them too, if they only ever go there.

If you’re on mobile Safari (specifically I’m on the latest iOS 9), when I tap into the text box in Intercom, all kinds of weirdness happens. I’m 99% sure this is because of the hacks discussed here: Dealing with iOS 8 Mobile Safari bugs?

However I’m asking if anyone has any ideas either Discourse-specific or CSS general on how I could customize to have none of the CSS tricks from Discourse apply to the Intercom overlay.

I know this is not Discourse-specific and I’m inducing my own problems by trying to have Intercom on top of Discourse, but I figured I would ask…


Discourse for helpdesk use cases?
(Jesse Perry) #2

I guess it’s best when you can answer your own questions…

I just set up something that I think would be the best solution. I used the Intercom API to open a new window with the Messenger if on mobile. They have a hook if someone taps the button to open the Messenger. And if they’re on mobile, I just open that in a new window. Better to just avoid messing with the CSS altogether.

(Jeff Gardner) #3

Hey Jesse.

My name is Jeff, I’m the Director of Customer Support at Intercom. I’d love for you to send us a message via intercom, if you haven’t already, so we can look into this a little more from our end. Obviously if we can do anything to get around the issue we’d like to.