Intergenerational Communities

Hi! I’m building an intergenerational community that includes teenagers and adults. Are there guidelines on what to consider when designing our online forum? For example, does Discourse have an age limit? Are there any good examples of intergenerational communities online?


Hey Deborah, can you explain what you mean here?

Lots of health communities have intergenerational communities. E.g. kids with specific health difficulties and their parents and caregivers.


After posting, I read Discourse’s terms and saw a reference to 13+, so I answered my own question regarding age limit. Thank you for checking!

Would you have specific examples of intergenerational communities that you recommend I look into?

The 13+ age limit is in the default terms of service due to legal difficulties around collecting & processing information from children. If you’re prepared to deal with all of that, you can remove that from your forum’s terms of service.