Is there a plugin that helps with Age Verification on the site?

I would like my site to start by prompting the user if they are 18 or older the first time they are accessed. Is there such a plugin available now?

You could use the Subscriptions plugin and charge people to join. That would help enforce CC ownership? (And therefore block out most under 18s)


Thank you for your advice.
I deal in adult human purpose goods and have created the discourse forum to make it easier for my customers to exchange information with each other. The users are my customers. Therefore, I cannot levy a fee for subscribing to the forum. And because of the merchandise category. I expect minors to leave voluntarily. So I would like to have an alert that simply indicates that minors are prohibited from entering.


Can you block public access and only provide access to the forum only for confirmed purchasers who used CCs?


I am very sorry that I am not able to.
If it’s a forum with a large number of people it can be. But at the moment the forum is small in numbers and prefers to create an atmosphere where everyone is willing to discuss. And it’s hard to generate discussion when there aren’t enough people.
It doesn’t look like there is such a plugin that can confirm if one is over 18 years old on the first visit. I’ll try to seek help from my friends on my side.

If you have budget post on marketplace : the freelancers here can build all kinds of great things :magic_wand:


From the sound of it, self-affirmation of age is sufficient for your needs.

I suspect something like the cookie consent banner could be adapted for this purpose.

If you only required age confirmation for creating an account, that could be a custom field.


Thank you very much.
Yes, it is.
As you said. I just need a page that asks if you are 18 years old or older.
We are a business dealing with dolls for Japan. Because of the very high price, it’s not a normal adult product like condoms, it’s an extremely niche adult product, and there are only about a hundred users on the forums so far. However, in order to make sure that our forum is mainly hobbyist related, so after much thought, I’d like to find a way to add this page. So enquired if there was such a plugin.
Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an official plugin. Not important though, I’ve contacted my friend and hopefully he can design a homepage for me to help users make the jump.

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This plugin may work as well.

@merefield I imagine your team’s custom Wizard plugin would be a good fit as well.


Is there demand to allow googlebot? If not then such warning label would be trivial using private forum.