Intermediate certificate error on let's encrypt certificate

This morning I rebuild my discourse installation and I got a new certificate. Testing my connections on why no padlock I got an error on intermediate certificate.
Any suggestions?

Hi Saiano, this is most likely related to a recent Let’s Encrypt change. In general, it’s a problem on the client end, not on the Discourse end. Can you try updating your client operating system and/or browser? Do things work from a different browser?

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Some users cannot connect. Mostly on enterprise networks.
I’ve done the this test Test Results: - Why No Padlock?
and got the error I mentioned.

If they’re on a corporate network, is it possible that their connection runs through a shared proxy? If so, that proxy may need to be updated. Do they get the same error when connecting to other sites like or If so, the issue is definitely on their end.

I think this ‘Why No Padlock?’ checker might be confused by yesterday’s Let’s Encrypt changes. Using a different scanner reports an A+ result for your site: SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)