Introducing Discourse Chat (BETA)

Chat is not a theme component. It is a plugin.


Off topic feature: when that code does not detect an about.json but does find a plugin.rb, maybe present the user with a link to more specific instructions on how to install a plugin? This happens all the time.


Hi Tabata! Can you explain what you mean by this? What are you trying to do exactly? Everybody online can join chat channels, according to how you set them up.


I’m not sure if this is what she means, but for me, I’d like the option to have some chat channels to default to have everyone in group X join the chat automatically, so they don’t have to click thru and add the chat. For example, I’d like new members to automatically join the Welcome chat channel that I have. Right now, it seems each individual would have to manually add it and I don’t have much bulk control. Since Discourse does much of its member management at the group levels, I’d think perhaps an option at the group level could help.

Or instead, or in addition, I would love to have a chat channel settings page that is more similar to the category settings page, where I can give different access permissions to different groups. I want to create some chat channels where certain groups can read but can’t post and others where certain groups can’t see inside the chat. Ideally, I could even make one where non-logged in visitors could watch some chats, allowing me to almost fulfill my dream of having a public chat show.


That’s my take on it too. She wants an (public) chat channel open to everyone on the forum - without having to click through or be invited.


I think the color of that button is the same as your background color; you can add some CSS to change the color of those icons to be darker:

.chat-channels .new-dm .d-icon, .chat-channels .edit-channels-dropdown .select-kit-header .d-icon {
  color: var(--primary);

Keep in mind that chat is very much in alpha. It is not quite production ready.


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We want this chat to be core part of discourse. awesome work.


Just got added to the test instance on this site and have been poking around for a bit. Really great work so far everyone, it’s pretty easy to use!

I’m going to be keeping an eye on development as this grows, really exciting stuff!


Is it possible to create chat rooms with passwords? Because I have an RPG forum and for each RPG group we need a chat with a password so other people don’t enter and discover secrets! If there is no possibility of creating chats with a password, do you at least think about the idea of implementation?


Access to the chat follows the same access as categories. So if you create a category and group, and create chats inside it, only the players in the group will be able to access them.

I also plan on using it for TTRPGs. :slight_smile:


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Understanding your particular use. If I am not mistaken you could use group permissions in Categories as mentioned.

And I think you can setup private chats and only have members of the rpg group invited to maintain secrets. Ie group of Dungeon Masters etc…

With using categories to implement chats I imagine a plugin could be used.


From my understanding a chat channel is a Category similar to how Babblechat(broken plugin)

So when you create a Category in permissions you delete
“Everyone. See/Create/Reply”
Add group permission
“Dmaster. See/Create/Reply”
Only members added to Dmaster Group will see the Abive chat category say call ut something like “DMaster Resource”

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A critically important enhancement, glad to see it being prirotized. We live a world where content is so real-time - chat is almost a requirement where we build communities.

Discord sent TeamSpeak to the grave with it’s focus on community building via robust chat functionality.


Yes, Alpha! Meaning … VERY VERY EARLY so expect many bugs, many issues. We are dogfooding it internally at Discourse, we have completely switched away from Mattermost to our own chat system, so believe me… we’re :dog::plate_with_cutlery: eating our own dogfood in a big way.


And I waited long enough to install mattermost that now I don’t have to!


My chat was turned off and it won’t let me turn it on.



Note this issue :arrow_up: has been fixed