Introducing Font Awesome 5 and SVG icons

I have seen quite a few places stick with font-awesome 5 cause the set in 6 was missing some stuff (that is now in paid tiers).

Not against upgrading though, just something to be mindful of.


I don’t understand where I should add all those lines
On my server, I can’t find where my theme directory is.

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Hello and welcome @Apocal :slight_smile:

Are you trying to add an icon to a theme component, or similar?

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yes, i try upload my *.svg costum icon with category icon component and i see like this.

i use my costum theme, from github.

my settings in Category components:

in my theme /assets direcotry upluad home-svgrepo-com.svg icon.

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Are you trying to add a custom icon to use in Category Icons? Would you be able to add it through the theme UI rather than a custom theme component?


Thanks for the help. I fixed everything and everything works.