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Hi Discourse team,

First of all, I am new here, so I hope I am doing well posting here for a bug.

I tried to find an existing topic before to post a new one but I did not find anything, so I am sorry in advance if such topic already exists. Do not hesitate to link it or do whatever is necessary. Thank you.

So here is the issue I would like to report. As mentionned in the title, microdata on discourse do not fulfil with Google tool’s expectations.

On topic lists, Google tools reports more than 60 errors :

example of the main topic list

for more details, see this test

There is also errors on posts :

for more details, see this other test

My company is using discourse as forum for 3 of our websites. We greatly consider the SEO aspect and would be thankful for you to correct all possible errors in microdata.

So is it possible for you to fix microdata ?

(Julien Lépine) #25

Hi Discourse team,

I posted my question about two weeks ago. I assume fixing microdata will take a certain amount of time but since I got no answer yet I allow myself to ask you if the fix is on track and when it could be released ?

Thank you in advance for your work and your reply.

(Neil Lalonde) #26

Are all 61 errors saying the same thing? <div itemprop='itemListElement' itemscope itemtype=''> needs to have a “position” attribute?

(Julien Lépine) #27

The 61 errors count 3 different kind of error :

  • ItemList -> itemListElement -> url and/or ItemList -> itemListElement -> item -> url (30 times): All values provided for url must point to the same page.
  • ItemList -> itemListElement -> position (30 times): A value for the position field is required.
  • global to ItemList (1 time): ListItem with url and ListItem with item are incompatible.

As I mentioned it in my first post, you can follow the links I gave to see all details.